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it’s the Season of Love!. With Love we introduce, Splash Fest Naija – come Experience; A Premium Outdoor Fun Party. With a Blend of Fun and a rare mix of Picnic Experience, Games, Food, Connect, Comedy etc..

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Day: 14th February
Time: 12 Noon
Venue: Nairobi Lounge/Bar Jeddo Junction. Behind Warri Refinery.
Premium Outdoor Fun Party
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For Enquiries and Table Reservation call: 09033277869

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Federal Government has finally licensed telecommunication companies to register Nigerians who do not have the National Identification Number. This is to make the process easier for Nigerians and reduce the large gatherings at the offices of the National Identity Management Commission across the country. The Punch reported.
Director-General to the NIMC, Aliyu Aziz, said many other public and private organizations have been licensed to register for the NIN.

On the 15th of December 2020, the Federal Ministry of Communication led by Isa Pantami directed telecommunication companies to block the lines of Nigerians who didn’t link their NIN to their phone numbers. The process has been cumbersome for Nigerians since then, people gathered in thousands at different enrollment centers across the country amid the second wave of COVID-19.

The Federal Government is also contemplating the extension of the February 9 deadline earlier announced because many are yet to register
With this new announcement, you can simply work into your network provider’s office and register for the number without queuing for long hours.

Please kindly share this information as much as possible for Nigerians to know.

What’s your opinion on this new announcement?

If You Don’t Have NIN, Read This Good News From FG On How To Register Without Queuing Again

A 17-year-old boy has died in Ondo State after taking a psychotropic substance popularly known on the streets as ‘colorado’.
The boy identified as Joshua, who took the hard drug over the weekend, gave up the ghost after being in coma for two days.
According to sources, the deceased who was residing in Oba-Ile, Akure South Local Government Area if the State where the incident happened, took some portion of the substance from his friends who were already in the habit of taking hard drugs.
Following his weird behaviour within minutes of taking ‘colorado’, his friends were said to have called his siblings who rushed him to the hospital where he later gave up the ghost.
According to one of the sources, “when few moment after Joshua took a puff of colorado, his friends said he had difficulty in breathing and later he began to hallucinate.
“His friends were scared of his reactions and they quickly called on his people.”
‘Colorado’ is one of the banned psychotropic substances that is currently prevalent among youths. The hard drug is said to be made from synthetic plant.

The Nigerian citizen felt to enlighten ladies with the motive of his knowledge and revealed to them some secrete via his Twitter handle.

According to him, he said.

“Dear Ladies, there is no award for dating a broke Guy. If you dating one, and a rich guy that loves you come for you, break up with your broke boyfriend and date the rich guy. life’s short. Enjoy it. Stop feeling guilty. Just stop feeling guilty!!”

“70% of broke boyfriends will dump their girlfriend once they make it. They are just with you because you are what they can afford now.”

Telcom Satellites TV (TStv), a Nigerian satellite TV service, has disclosed plans to make eight High Definition (HD) channels on its platform free to its subscribers during the Christmas holiday.

TStv Head of Corporate Affairs, Mr Demola Olarewaju, said this in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja.

Olarewaju said that pay-TV had in the spirit of Christmas decided to give customers the best of entertainment, news, sports, and movies.

He said that TStv also plans to carry out a national roadshow across the 36 states including the FCT during the period.

He listed the channels to be opened for free viewing over on the TStv platform as follows:

Cinemachi comedy on channel 251
Cinemachi romance on channel 252
Cinemachi action on channel 253
Others were;
Cinemachi drama on Channel 254
Cinemachi crime on channel 255
World Agro TV on channel 220
A1 education junior on channel 195
Tom & Jerry TV on channel 198
The Direct to Home content provider which runs a unique billing system, where subscribers can choose which stations to include in their subscription did not leave the children out of the fun as kiddies’ channels A1 Education Junior and Tom and Jerry TV.

“It will also be available for children to watch during their stay at home for the season. NAN

The photo of a lady is currently circulating on social

media after she allegedly lost all hair after her

hairstylist allegedly applied a fake hair dye on her.

According to the Facebook user who shared the

photos on the social media platform, the owner of

the saloon was arrested for applying fake dye on

the customer’s hair which caused her the severe

damage and loss of hair over night.

The identity of the girl is unknown at the moment

and we can not confirm the true story behind the

loss of her hair, however we have brought you the

story as it is being told by different social media


See the photos below;

So I decided to ask this question here because I have a lady that is overly demanding, I mean I tried pegging my monthly spending for her at 30,000 Naira per month including her hair, light, data and cable TV subscription plus one or two outings and hangouts.
But I noticed she never seems satisfied with my little efforts as she demands unimaginable things from me like buying her iPhone 12 and etc.
Guys pls how do you control spending on your women and how much do you spend on them monthly.

Members of the community have aired their view about the case in the state.



According to Charles Akah, a resident in that LGA said Army started arresting young people so the fear made them stay indoors.


The members of the community had expressed their disdain as hunger in the community increased. Some members of the community complained how they are under “house arrest” as there was no way to get access to money from ATM or buy stuffs from the market and drug store.



Some members had to sneak early hours of the morning out of the community, saying they don’t feel safe there any more.

Rivers State Government has earlier declared curfew for the local Government area and other parts of Portharcourt because of the violence that disrupted the #Endsars protest on the 21st of October. However the Government blames the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the chaos in the state.

Isn’t the Army suppose to make the area feel safe? Why are people still feeling unsafe?


Governor Wike has lifted the curfew in other parts of Port Harcourt but excluded Oyigbo, which caused alot of tension cause members of the community have started to leave because of the fear of unknown; especially when they saw the hostile security patrol in the area constantly going round to enforce the curfew.


Nigerian senate chambers where senators attend plenary

The #SayNoToSocialMediaBill was on Friday one of the most trending issues on Twitter in Nigeria.

The trend shows the reaction of many Nigerians on the plan of the Senate to regulate the use of social media as well as curb fake news on the internet.

FOllow On Twitter

The bill, ‘Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill, 2019′, which was sponsored by Sani Musa a fortnight ago, scaled second reading on the floor of the Senate on Thursday.

In making a case for his sponsorship of the bill, Mr Musa said the bill has no intent to gag the media or silent free speech. Rather, he said, it seeks to check the spread of false information on the internet.

“It is rather an opportunity to address the growing threats which, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to our polity and disrupt peaceful existence,” he said.

With a total of 36 clauses, the bill prescribes up to N300,000 fine for an individual and up to N10 million for corporate organisations found guilty of spreading false content.

The bill joins another one already on the floor of the House, which prescribes death by hanging for anyone whose hate speech results in the death of another.

When the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, put the debate on the former to a voice vote, a higher number of the lawmakers approved it.

Top of those in this camp are senators Ibrahim Gobir (APC, Sokoto East), Bala Ibn Na’Allah (APC, Kebbi South), Abba Moro (PDP, Benue South) and Elisha Abbo (PDP, Adamawa North), who was recently caught on video physically assaulting a woman in a sex toy shop.

List of problems in Nigeria:

1. Unemployment

2. Inflation

3. Poverty and hunger

4. Bad Transport system

5. Internal security failures

6. Diseases and poor health care.

But these elected leaders and officials would rather shut your voice to speak truth.


The first edition was held in 1999 and was tagged Encounter with Destiny. This years event is tagged ” Turning point”. It will start on the Tuesday 8th of December 2020 and end on Sunday 13th of December 2020. Bishop Oyedepo said that Shiloh 2020 shall mark a new beginning for the turning point of all the members of Winners family. It will feature Preachers like Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor David Oyedepo Jr, Pastor Faith Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor David Oyedepo and other great men of God.

Shiloh is an Annual event hosted by the Living Faith Church worldwide (also known as winners chapel).The event was commanded by God to the President of the commission; Bishop David Oyedepo. The Bishop cited the book of Joshua 18:1 and 1st Samuel 1:3 as the anchor scripture for the event. The 2020 edition of Shiloh will be the 21st edition of the prophetic event.

Children playground are a very lovely place to go, children prefer going to the playground than going to school, there are some beautiful playground that children will like to visit, same as the awkward looking playground that looks very strange.

Below are some of the children playground that looks like another thing entirely.

1. This is not what you’re thinking, this is a children playground, that look so strange and ugly.

As you can see, the children in it are enjoying their day
2. This is a playground that looks like a Spiderman, but as you can see the Spiderman is so ugly.

3. This is another strange playgrounds that looks like an elephant, this type of playground that looks so annoying

4. I don’t really know what I can call this but, you can see it’s a playgrounds tho.
5. This is a zebra looking playground for children, this is so awkward and ugly.

WhatsApp Group NJW Update
Can you believe it? The revolution didn’t sleep all night. And when they did, it was on the roadside. These are one of the many resistance of the brutality in the country. Personally, I am very proud of my generation. The youths in this generation are willing to do whatever it takes to bring justice and order to our beloved country. In fact, see some photos of what went down last night during this serious protest.

WhatsApp Group NJW Update

In one of the post cards we can clearly see the bold imprition that says, “WE ARE TIRED OF BEING OPRRESSED”. What a generation! Nigeria owes this youth everything. Never have I seen a time where the youths say in one voice, “Enough is enough!”. I’m really full of gratitude towards these youths who are putting their lives, health, time and even resources to bring back order to our country. I have to admit and everyone will agree with me: This must go down in the history of Nigeria.

However, the IGP has Disbanded the FSARS, but this is not the first time SARS has been disbanded, hence the people of Benin city has come out to further protest to cement the disband of the FSars.

WhatsApp Group NJW Update

The incessant misuse of office from the Special anti-robbery squad (SARS) has led to chaos on social media as people call on the president and Inspector General of police to Disband the unit.