Cardi B Slams Haters After Roddy Ricch Receives His Grammy Award, After Claims Of Attention Seeking

Many still thinks her Grammy win for Rap Album Of The Year was a controversial one, it appears that people are still hung up on it over a year later. The rapper took home Rap Album Of The Year for Invasion Of Privacy but she only recently received it in the mail. In fact, it was a few days ago when she shared a photo of her award in the mail. She faced a serious amount of criticism from people who claimed that she was only doing it for attention.


Earlier today, Compton’s latest star received his first Grammy for his efforts on Nipsey Hussle’s “Racks In The Middle.” The congratulations began pouring out on social media for the rapper, especially since he’s only getting into the game now. However, Cardi quickly pointed out on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet that all of the hater have gone missing all of a sudden. “Where the people that was saying I posted my Grammy couple days ago for attention?” She wrote. “Bet ya feel stupid now.”


She elaborated further in a separate tweet. “I was unboxing things on my story and I unboxed my Grammy. Motherfuckers where real loud claiming I was unboxing it for attention, trying to get shine,” she added. “Now Roddy just got his! Mind you I was just unboxing packages that came to my house.”


Peep the tweets below.



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