Shiloh2021: More Than A Conquero

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Ordained by God to fulfill the mandate of liberating captives from all oppression, Living Faith Church, under the spiritual authority of Bishop David Oyedepo, is arguably the most influential church in Nigeria, if not most popular in Africa.

Godspowerproject and the management board of Principles and Application of Environmental Impact Assessment- under the oversight of Environmental Specialist, Dr. Benard Omoyeni, working closely with art expressionist, Akin Omo-Ola, originally came up with this concept, in a way of celebrating this year’s Shiloh edition.

Shiloh is not a church anniversary, but a divine appointment with God- as an individual and as a commission. Shiloh is a mountain of encounter- on which people from all walks of life, from allover the world would be participating, and as members of this great commission, we are set to partake in the divine visitation of God, through the vehicle of revelation.

If God ever showed a face, artists allover the world would have been making illustrations of all kinds from time immemorial, and pending our ascension to the Kingdom that awaits us above, the least anyone can do in our generation, is to show appreciation to our Creator and giver of all good things, for marvelous manifestations- through generous philanthropy towards other men, payment of dues for kingdom advancement and projects like this amongst others.

More than a Conqueror
Here are the Top Five in the Winners hierarchy, which of them do you recognize?