Man loses his legs after sleeping with a dead body

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This is the story of Adam John, a young man of 32 years old. He was born in Mbeya, a city in southwest Tanzania. He grew up because he lost his father in high school, which made life difficult for him. He began looking for work and got his first job as a mover in 2006 before moving on to a better job as a gold miner in Mozambique.

He was not receiving treatment following the accident because he is not a Mozambican citizen. He was in pain and decided to return to his country; however, the only way for him to do so was to ride in an ambulance that transports dead bodies. So I slept in the car with several dead bodies. He was transferred to a hospital near the Tanzanian border.

However, since Afrimax’s visit, the man has received support, which has changed his life, and he now hopes that he will survive. His life changed after the interview was widely publicized and he received more funds and support.

He is currently receiving treatment, and we are hopeful that he will recover quickly

The doctors in the hospital refused to treat him because he wasn’t a citizen of the country he was working in. He watched as his flesh fell away piece by piece.