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9 Faces Of SARS Officers Accused Of Killing Innocent Nigerians

Nigerian leaders are some of the most soulless, selfish and horrible leaders in the world. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly the leaders in As rock, house of assembly, house of rep, and even the criminal religious and traditional leaders read stories like this and just dismiss it. What a horrible and wasted generation our leaders are. These same people have their children guarded by the same police, they turn them to errand boys and bag carriers, yet they allow these same set of animals in uniform to continue to kill young people without redress. Shame on Buhari, shame of Aisha Buhari, shame on Osinbajo and shame on your children who daily witness these evil on social media and don’t believe in fighting for the helpless. It’s sad that I share my nationality and skin color with such a depraved, low and satanically selfish set of low human beings. I was in London and lived in different parts of Ghana and even Egypt and no country treats it’s entire citizens like Nigerian leaders and police does. Please let’s switch from #Endsars to #EndBuhari and #Endtheoldnigeria. We need a new country lead by young people and not these hopelessly useless old trash.



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