Christianity is a race which does not belong to the swift but to those who are knowledgeable about whom they follow. In Christianity, relationship is very vital and important, that is what builds up your faith. I have read a good number of comments on what people think about Christianity.

These are three things that can kill your Christian Faith.

1. Building your faith around a fellow man

No matter how annointed a man or woman of God is, s/he is still a human being with weaknesses and capable of falling into sin or temptation.

It is a good thing to have a spiritual father but it is a bad thing to base your christinity on the vision of a fellow man. He might be more spiritual than you are but take this from me, you are both equal before God. The difference between the two of you is the level of sacrifice and commitment to God.
Listen to what God is telling you and not what others have heard from God.

2. Refusing to submit

The major seasoning our belief lacks is not faith but submission. We are too stubborn that we don’t want to hear God anymore. We are so educated that we think our pastors can no longer tell us what God is saying about our life. Lack of submission is an act of rebellion.

3. Absence of a good relationship with God

Christian race is all about relationship. If your relationship with God is bad, you are just wasting your time and energy.

This should be the first step in every Christian race.

The laws guiding christianity are simple and true. Follow them and receive life.

adapted from palmchat #religion

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