#ENDSARS: President Buhari Sends Strong Message To Nigerian Youths, Check Out What He Said

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The Executive President of Nigeria, Who is by name Mohamadu Buhari have sent a message to Nigerian youths saying that they have every right to protest peacefully and also making demand of their leaders

However, the current minister quoting Buhari on the Ongoing ENDSARS protest has revealed the president has promised to implement the reforms. The Minister for youth and Development has also appealed to all Nigerians to stop protesting that their demands are already been addressed and in due time will be in place.

Here is what President Buhari said;

“The Youth of this Country have spoken and he has heard and he has since gone to work for the youth of our country”

He said as far as he is concerned it is important to allow the younger generation to exercise their freedom to protest, that he will ensure that the reforms he has promised are fully met.

This development came after he held a closed door meeting with the leadership of National Assembly. This was disclosed by one of his aide who is by name Bashir Ahmad a personal assistant to president Buhari.

What is your thought about this? Do you think the protest is turning out positively that is in the favour of the Nigerian youths? Drop your comment in the comment box section below and dont forget to share this message.

What do you think?

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