Lecturer Walks into Female Student Dancing Alone in Class His Reaction Is Priceless

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In a video making rounds online, the lecturer stood beside her with a smiling face and she got so shy immediately
However, she later summoned courage to continue dancing while her lecturer watched her in awe
A viral video has captured a student of a tertiary institution dancing in the presence of her lecturer

Apparently, the lady was dancing alone in class before her lecturer walked in and stood beside her.

In the hilarious video on TikTok, the lady was seen acting so shy while her lecturer showed off a wide grin.
He asked her to continue dancing and after gathering courage to do so, she resumed her dance show

Lecturer Walks into Female Student Dancing Alone in Class His Reaction Is Priceless

Knowing how good he is at dancing, the excited student came out and danced with so much enthusiasm. In a hilarious video, the talented student was seen dancing legwork and showing off other amazing dance styles.

While he danced, the lecturer stared at him in amazement. It was however not stated if he was later awarded the 10 marks or not for his beautiful display.
Sharing the video of TikTok, the lady identified as Ahwurah Benah said she got so shy after seeing her lecturer beside her.

TikTok users react to funny dance video
@melanin_beautyy said:

“Since when did Accra Technical University Lectures become this friendly.”
@abena_baileys01 wrote:

“Not my lecturer forcing me to do tiktok for him to see before he vote for me.”
@itzifunanya7 reacted:

“Just wait until you don’t write well in his course .. you go understand.”
@titan_7_ said:

“She has already passed the exam before the exam started …I’m gone.”
@nayaaduomi3 noted:

“I remember the day I was also caught doing snap and my lecturer was like, Have you paid your school fees?”
Watch the video below:

Student dances in front of lecturer and the entire class to get 10 marks, funny video goes viral