Lessons Parents Should Learn From The Story Of A Man Who Fingered A 5 Year Old Girl

Lessons Parents Should Learn From The Story Of A Man Who Fingered A 5 Year Old Girl

Don’t be the type of parents that use materialistic things e.g sweet, biscuits to lure their children into doing something, because this is the most common tactic rap*sts used to get their victims. Just imagine someone calling your daughter who you have spoilt with excess love for sweet and chocolate under the GUISE of giving her sweet, what gives you the courage to think she will decline the offer of collecting what you have made the center of her attraction(sweet)?

Now the bigger picture to this is that, if you are the type that’s used to giving giving your daughter something in order to get her attention, she might end up growing up on excess greed and begin to go out of her ways to get what she want. E.g stealing, following s*gar daddies, dating at a tender age just to get materialistic things from her boyfriends and so on.

May God protect all women from any wicked soul whose plan is to ruin the lives of our beloved sisters and daughters. Please don’t be too carried away to say Amen and also drop a prayer for our sisters, and daughters.

However, considering the current rate at which women of all ages are being harassed s*x*ally it’s important you take some precautionary measures in order to safe guard your daughter from any unforeseen danger. Here are some few lessons you should learn from the story of the Man Who f*ngered a 5 year old girl;

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