See what young girl did to a thief that tries to steal her phone

See what young girl did to a thief that tries to steal her phone

The powers of Sabrina were so remarkable that the robber roared and screamed on the floor while Sabrina tried to sever his jaw. Sabrina asked the thief while still on the floor and each time he replied wrongly,

The weight on his arm would be exacerbated by Sabrina, sending agonizing pains through the bones of the robber.

This went on for 20 minutes or so until the police arrived. Speak about control for children!

Sabrina told the reporters that because he was unarmed, she had targeted him. “I saw that they had nothing and that is why I reacted. I would never have reacted if they had been armed”

I ran and immobilized him with a sleeper hold, I laid on the ground and held him in an arm lock,” she told the reporters. “(He was running away).

After being ironically man-handled by a 22-year-old girl, the 18-year-old robber was arrested.

Stealing is terrible and I’m completely against it but if you have had the desire to rob, then you’re going to end up like a criminal in this article, stop skilled martial art students.

This occurred on the 17th of November in Brazil. A robber hopped off a bike and attempted to snatch a phone from a child, unaware that the girl was a student of martial arts. As predicted, he instantly regretted it.

Sources reported that two robbers were riding a bicycle and stopped in front of Sabrina. One of them, an eighteen-year-old kid, jumped off his bike and asked Sabrina to hand her phone over. Did Sabrina send the phone to him? Of course not. Of course not. She yelled her voice at the robber instead and he hurried away. Did Sabrina encourage him to run away? Oh, no. She followed him, wrestled him down and stuck his arm in the rotation of a bar.

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