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This woman must be jailed for inflicting so much pain on this baby (VIDEO)

Some people are just devil’s incarnate, they have nothing beautiful to offer than inflict unbearable pain on their helpless victim.


A video surfaced online which shows how a wicked woman who a baby was put in her care was maltreating the poor child. In the video, the woman was trying to feed the baby and the process she started hitting the baby for no reason.


You need to see how hard this evil woman was smacking this baby on the floor, even an older individual will barely survive the maltreatment and the woman was not showing any remorse.


This woman is really heartless, Please mothers try and do things yourself. Why designate your utmost responsibility to your maid. Some times our baby needs us more than any other person.

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Please, I beg all young and lazy mothers out there to adjust. These kids suffer more from these so call maid or babysitters

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