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Rated18+: How Can #SexDoll Be Effectively Replace With Human Being

Posted by on January 22nd, 2018

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Can sex Doll effectively replace humans? By brother Olokpa.


Note: this write up is full of raw words and not suitable for readers with low IQ who might end up judging the writer unjustly.

If you are mature, please continue reading.

This topic is drawn from olokpa mindset 3:1.

As a Virgin, I felt I should speak on this topic once and for all.

As generally accepted, sex is a consented act engaged in by two individuals both male and female.

Not until recently, we are having male and male, female and female, man and animals.

The act of engagement produces different reactions like moaning, screaming, orgasm, ejaculation etc.

And for most of this things to happen, it means both partners must be responsive to touch and feelings.

Otherwise the fun of it will be one sided

That’s why it is only a dead woman that won’t show signs of pleasure when there is a man’s mouth on her nipple. It’s only a dead woman that will still feel dry when a man touches her HONEY POT in the right way and manner.

It’s only a dead man that will stay still when he is being given a blow job or hand job. Even madman go run mad.

NOTE: These are facts I gathered from people because am still a Virgin and i hope to get a feel of it someday.

Now back to the topic. With the invention of sex Doll, is it possible for them to replace humans?

My thoughts.

Listening to one of the manufacturer recently. He said, SEX doll are not meant to replace humans but rather they are mere alternatives.

But why will a man wants to sleep with a doll? I think most people will do that out of curiosity.

Curiosity of how it feels like, wanting to feel belong, excessive urge for sex with no partner to carry the burden, low self esteem.

Otherwise, how can a man who has tasted the natural now prefer the artificial?

How can a man love a non living thing more than a living thing.

Scientists have tried to create humans but have not succeeded. They can only try to do something similar.

A woman’s HONEY POT can’t be perfectly recreated in a doll. The warmth you feel, the fluid that gives you easy access, the funny noise you hear something when going hard, the pleasure that rings in your brain, the tightness that grips your Cassava.

I don’t think these manufacturer can successfully give you that because they can’t.

The movement that takes place in love making is worth noting.

The unique style you engage in brings fun. From missionary style, you have the luxury of charging to Backy, doggy, touch your toe, one leg up, olokpa banger style etc.

Can you tell a doll to sit on top you and grind you?

Mbanu. Sex is all about communication.

You watch her move and respond.

If there is course to go slow, you calculate her body and if you have to hit that particular spot, you go in like Lukaku. sometimes you head good like Morata.

Can a doll give you instructions like ” baby go harder” like F********kkk meeee? Like babbyyyy killll me etc. Lol.

No matter how big they make the ass look like or how huge they build the breast of doll, it can never feel like the human flesh.

The texture and feel is way different.

Even in your mind, you will know that it is rubber you are pressing. The Doll won’t Even feel anything.

You Will just end up fooling yourself.

Doll can never be the solution to man’s sexual needs. It can never give man that needed satisfaction, the chemical inserted in their Virgina might be harmful, you might end up being an addict and it might destroy your life.

Letting your curiosity take the better of you is very dangerous.

As I conclude, please never judge me from those raw description above.

Am just a Virgin writing from what people normally tells me. I beg you all because i hope to lost my virginity someday.

So once again dolls can never replace humans because THE TASTE IS THE DIFFERENCE AND THE DIFFERENCE IS THE TASTE according to indomie noddle.



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