A man who stormed a hotel to have the fun of his life nearly lost his life after sleeping with three sex workers.

A video of the incident showed the man being helped to a chair as he couldn’t walk again after the act.

This is foolishness . How can someone intentionally choose to kill himself through sex . Anyway, he should thank God say him no crossover ; na there him go no say this life no get duplicate grin


Omoruyi Loco Efe is the name of the first son of Sam loco, he was about writings his final year bar exam when the news of his dad’s dead came to him. Luckily he pass his exams despite the shock of his daddy’s demise, and he is now a lawyer. He is now married to his pretty wife.


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His memory still leaves in us for great impact, he was known for comic roles. He left behind 6 wonderful children. We will be seeing how his first child has turned out to be, who looks exactly like his father
The great legend who once leaved is known as Efeeimwonkiyeke Sam Loco who lived in Enugu state. He was known for his personality in the Nollywood industry. Many peoples loved him because of his spoken English and grammar