Female Teacher Caught Having $3x’ During Zoom Meeting [Videos]
A secondary school teacher has been caught in the web as her unspeakable video goes online sparking massive
uproar online.

In the video as gathered by news, the female teacher whose video is still trending online scheduled a zoom
meeting with her students and surprisingly spoils it all with bed videos.

In the video, the secondary school teacher was caught moaning as he boyfriend shifts her womb in bed

A man who stormed a hotel to have the fun of his life nearly lost his life after sleeping with three sex workers.

A video of the incident showed the man being helped to a chair as he couldn’t walk again after the act.

This is foolishness . How can someone intentionally choose to kill himself through sex . Anyway, he should thank God say him no crossover ; na there him go no say this life no get duplicate grin

No Bra & No Entry – Delta Poly Lecturer Chases Defaulters From Class

A Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku lecturer has reportedly prevented students from taking classes after they showed up for class with no brasserie on.

A video which has surfaced online captures the moment the lecturer chased out tons of Nigerian students from the lecture room for allegedly not wearing their bra.

One of the defaulters who was behind the recording disclosed that the lecturer sent the students out of the lecture room for not putting on their bra and panties.

She also disclosed that those on rugged jeans were not spared as they were asked to leave the lecture hall

Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

As conji would have it today I decided to masturbate in my shop, I was almost caught by a customer, my only saving grace was that I was doing it behind my desk……

I have also masturbated in a commercial car, after I traveled to the village and spent two weeks without masturbation conji wanted to kill me got a little chance in the car as the driver wasn’t around and there was no passenger with me, I did it quickly within 4min I poured and felt relieved, took my handkerchief and cleaned up but I was almost caught by a fellow passenger who wanted to join in the vehicle.

I have also masturbated in the bush, it was during a festive period all members of the family were around, I had to port to the bush and relieve myself grin grin This time I wasn’t almost caught

The young man who couldn’t contend the public show of shame and the embarrassment wanted to run but he was held down by the girl.

In a viral video shared on social media, the young man was seen trying to hide his face from the public show but the girl continued to shout at him and attracting the attention of the passersby.

Don’t be the type of parents that use materialistic things e.g sweet, biscuits to lure their children into doing something, because this is the most common tactic rap*sts used to get their victims. Just imagine someone calling your daughter who you have spoilt with excess love for sweet and chocolate under the GUISE of giving her sweet, what gives you the courage to think she will decline the offer of collecting what you have made the center of her attraction(sweet)?

Now the bigger picture to this is that, if you are the type that’s used to giving giving your daughter something in order to get her attention, she might end up growing up on excess greed and begin to go out of her ways to get what she want. E.g stealing, following s*gar daddies, dating at a tender age just to get materialistic things from her boyfriends and so on.

May God protect all women from any wicked soul whose plan is to ruin the lives of our beloved sisters and daughters. Please don’t be too carried away to say Amen and also drop a prayer for our sisters, and daughters.

However, considering the current rate at which women of all ages are being harassed s*x*ally it’s important you take some precautionary measures in order to safe guard your daughter from any unforeseen danger. Here are some few lessons you should learn from the story of the Man Who f*ngered a 5 year old girl;


Some said If one associate such things with Christianity, then it shows where your faith and understanding stands. It happens, it is supposed to happen, we all know they must mock God in this time, that’s how they divide themselves.

Many on Twitter believes that it is a staged video, but nevertheless it is very accurate and sickening to what is happening. They said it makes them to be ashamed to be affiliated with Christianity.

Since the advent of democracy, South Africa has been flooded by questionable and controversial pastors and prophets. A video of a pastor caressing a girl’s [email protected] is currently circulating on social media. The congregation could be heard applauding the pastor in his acts, which is believed to be deliverance. Amen, Amen, Amen, is what the congregation was shouting.

As they come out one after the other, the pastor instructed a young man to bring a sharp blade, white handkerchief and a white plate, as he took the blade and started shaving the hair in the private parts of his female church members inside the white plate.

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When he is done shaving their hair, he will bow down and pray for them and they will return to their seat.

There are some things church pastors or church leaders are not supposed to be doing to their church members because, if such thing should go to the outside world, a lot of people will condemn the act, not minding whether it is for spiritual cleansing or not.

In a video that was posted by Daddy Freeze on his official Instagram page, a lot of people condemned the video, as they said such thing should not be done inside church, except in herbalists’ shrines.


In the video, a pastor was seen preaching the word of God to his church members and while doing that, he instructed his female members to be coming out one after the other, in order to perform some cleansing on them.

A wife stuck a 17 years antique woman in mattress along with her husband, she beated her up and and even tored her garments and striped her bare. That became incorrect because the 17 12 months vintage is just a minor and the husband became old enough to manipulate the girl.WhatsApp Group NJW Update

Whilst an older man dates a younger woman they need to dominate her thoughts, control her in a brainwashing type of way. She became angry sure however she need to surely feel pity for the girl due to the fact her husband took gain of her. The lady did no longer persue the man, however the guy is the only who went after the female and even added her into their domestic.

What the girl and the husband did became wrong, however beating her up so you can cuddle your dishonest husband at night is loss of self respect. That is assult and the woman have each proper to press expenses. The girl is simply 17 years old and he or she is incapable of making top selections for herself, so the blame ought to be at the husband

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Some people are just devil’s incarnate, they have nothing beautiful to offer than inflict unbearable pain on their helpless victim.


A video surfaced online which shows how a wicked woman who a baby was put in her care was maltreating the poor child. In the video, the woman was trying to feed the baby and the process she started hitting the baby for no reason.


You need to see how hard this evil woman was smacking this baby on the floor, even an older individual will barely survive the maltreatment and the woman was not showing any remorse.


This woman is really heartless, Please mothers try and do things yourself. Why designate your utmost responsibility to your maid. Some times our baby needs us more than any other person.

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Please, I beg all young and lazy mothers out there to adjust. These kids suffer more from these so call maid or babysitters

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Where is (some) of our new generation churches heading to? Are they really doing the will of who called them, if truly they are called, as some claimed. Most of the abominable types of miracle they carried out/ perform in broad day lights this days, is truly from God?

How could a full grown adult in their right sense, and a clear eyes, could descend so low in the public and raised up his or her arm for a so-called pastor to shave it as it is where the person’s problem lies? To me, I don’t is ordinary, if you’re a victim of such, know it that you have been hypnotize by that man of God.

Most of this pastors we run to for miracles are not what we think they are, many are called but few are chosen. Some are there to destroy life, marriages and homes all in the name of miracle.

Exclusive- Remembering The Pastor Who was caught Performing Rituals. See photos of His Church Auditorium.


Recently there have been an increase in the numbers of churches and also pastors. And many people result in running from place to place in search in miracles not minding if it is truly genuine or fake.


What they want is deliverance, prosperity and all the good tidings for man. They tend to forget that some of the prayer houses are just like shrines cloned like prayer houses.

About two weeks ago, a Reverend who owns a church from Ugep Area in Cross River State was caught as he was on the process performing rituals. He was in possession of fetish materials, these materials where suspected to be the materials he uses for charms and also miracle in his church.

These was posted online by one Cynthia as she said this should be the end for all fake pastors and God should expose them.


The Reverend Paul is a pastor of Presbyterian Church and these are the photos of his Church Auditorium

We have chanced upon a report suggesting that Davido has cheated on his wife-to-be, Chioma Avril Rowlands.

Per what we gathered, Davido has welcomed his 4th child with this lady who is based in the UK city of London.

The report was made by an Instagram blog, GistMerchant and the lady is said to be make-up artist.

Per the report, Davido’s new baby mama is one Larissa Yasmin Lorenco A.K.A Larissa London, a UK-based make up artist born who was raised in Angola.

The report reads;

“There have been rumours floating around for a while now of Davido having another child. I’m here to confirm the gist and give details.

Meet the newest baby mama Larissa Yasmin Lorenco A.K.A Larissa London. A make up artist born and raised in Angola but moved to UK and have been in David’s life since 2017 (swipe to see her in the background of his picture back in 2017).

He sure knows how to shuffle these women at the same time. She went off social media when the rumour initially started and have only just returned to posting again. She posted the above picture to make it seem like she is still pregnant so as to confuse the timeline meanwhile she already delivered a baby boy back in March and this is an old picture. This is her second child as she already has a daughter.

The hookup that resulted in this pregnancy happened in NewYork Mid last year (Summer ‘19) when David was back and forth in US first for his second daughter’s birthday, then a brief Euro tour, back in US for Memorial weekend show, next in Nigeria for his first daughter’s hair product launch and then back in US in June for another show in Philadelphia and branched afterward in NY to give Larissa belle😀 before moving on to ATL for the rest of his trip. Larissa was also with him at the Afrofest Portugal that happened back in August of 2019.

Davido is currently denying the baby and blocked her so she has no access to him. He is trying to save face with the Chef Chi. For a while now things haven’t been rosy between them and they have been living apart but with this news now, trust them to come together and do photoshoot, pressing breast and sharing tongue to convince us that Chivido is still going to happen. My guess? Chivido is dead in the water. Fingers crossed.”

A popular food Vendor known locally as “Mama Put” has been burnt to death in Ukhelle,Delta state for allegedly using mortuary water to prepare meals for sale.


The said incidence happened at a popular market in Ukelle,a commercial town in Delta State,South south Nigeria where buyers and sellers meet daily for household and foodstuffs sales and purchase.


According to reports on Winnaijatv,Mama Aroma was trailed by a mortuary attendant who had observed her frequent visit to the mortuary especially at night with kegs to get water used in bathing dead bodies for her business.


They said,the attendant who followed her to her market place,raised alarm of the incidence after watching her use the water to cook right in the market square and just as expected ,the youths took laws into their hands and burnt her to ashes.


It is also reported that,Mama Aroma was the most popular food vendor in Ukelle market as tens of people would queue up behind her after washing their own plates until they are served her delicious meal.


Some of the meals always sort after was her banger rice and soup ,which they say was not only appealing to the eyes but also tastey leaving customers to ask for more.