The completely heartbroken man is said to have sent his wife to school and even built a house for her on her family property.

A startling story has been told about a man who caught his wife cheating after doing so much for her.

The Nigerian man is currently in court with his wife after he found out she was cheating on him with a motorcycle rider they both know.

Twitter user @Hipsy who shared the story online said the man sent his wife to school and even built a house for her on her family property.
She added that the matter ended in court after the woman got the husband arrested for threatening to kill her.

The Twitter user wrote: A man in my hood got married to a high school graduate and took her through university
Opened two big supermarkets for her and now the lady is doing so well

“He built a house for her on the lady’s family land and lastly, he caught her cheating with Okada rider

“The matter is currently in court.

“The lady got the man arrested at a point when he threatened killing her and himself.”

A man who stormed a hotel to have the fun of his life nearly lost his life after sleeping with three sex workers.

A video of the incident showed the man being helped to a chair as he couldn’t walk again after the act.

This is foolishness . How can someone intentionally choose to kill himself through sex . Anyway, he should thank God say him no crossover ; na there him go no say this life no get duplicate grin

She claims that

Nkechi Blessing and her ex-boyfriend Hon. Flanagan had a tumultuous separation, with the two trading obscenities on social media only weeks ago.

Joro Olumofin, a relationship expert, has revealed how women can tell whether a guy is marriage material.

Nkechi Blessing, a famous actress, has said that marriage is the only thing that would help her remain true to a guy, emphasising that she will not stop cheating till she is married

Ladies, take note. of a few husband material Tests/Qualities.

If he doesn’t give you his ATM card and pin he’s not a husband material.
If you can’t pay him a surprise visit to his apartment, he’s not a HM.
If he doesn’t give you an allowance of $200/N115,000 a month, he’s not a HM.
If he shares an apartment with more than 3 people, he’s not a HM.
If his phone is always on silent or face down, he’s not a HM.
If he has never suggested a Church date or Church service date, he’ not a HM.
If his Whatsapp doesn’t show blue tick (read), he is not a HM
Ladies thank me later.

In the viral video, the lady is seen fuming with anger as she questioned why he came to the place. She also dished multiple slaps on his face before decorating his face with the cake he brought.

She is heard saying, “You can go to hell for all I care. Why are you here sef? Do you think I’m just any type of girl?”

People at the spot just stood and watched in disbelief as the lady disgraced the man.

Watch the video below,

Do you think I’m just any type of girl – Lady blows hot as she slaps man repeatedly for proposing to her

Although, the details of the proposal are quite sketchy, it was gathered that the man pulled a surprise proposal on the lady while she was out with her friends.

He showed up to the location with a guitarist and a cake to propose to her, however, the proposal didn’t turn out as he planned

A viral video making rounds on social media captures the moment a man pranked his girlfriend with a dirty hot slap before proposing marriage to her

In the video, the young man who intentionally engaged in an altercation with his girlfriend gave her a dirty romantic slap just to see her reaction.

Out of anger, the young lady held his shirt demanding an explanation on why he slapped her out of the blue without any tangible reason.

In the midst of her reaction, the young man quickly went on his knees and apologized to her and also brought out a promise ring to propose marriage to her

A Nigerian man and a member of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Omega Fire Ministries Child who works as a cabbie in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), got honoured for his integrity after he returned 100, 000 Dirhams, (N12 million) that was forgotten in his cab, IgbereTV reports.

The taxi driver who attends Omega Fire Ministry (Dubai-UAE) and identified as Abraham Airaodion discovered that a passenger had forgotten the whopping amount of money in his taxi and so he showed true integrity and returned it.

Abraham who works with Sharjah Taxi Cooperation was honoured by the organization on Monday, December 13, 2021. He was given a certificate of appreciation which he brought to Church and displayed while sharing his testimony

Iwejuo also known as Chibona and other members of the robbery gang were said to have assaulted and tied the petrol attendants in the station.

According to Ghana Web, they also penetrated the metallic safe of the fuel station and carted away an undisclosed amount of money, a laptop, and other valuable items.

“The Ghana Police Services say it has arrested suspect Iwejuo Anthony alias Chibona who together with others attacked and robbed Pacific Filling Station, Krokowhe near Ashalaja in the Greater Accra region, at the dawn 5th June, 2021.

“The suspect assaulted and tied fuel attendants, broke into the metallic safe of the filling station, and stole an unspecified amount of money, a laptop, and other items,” the report revealed.

It took the intervention of the security operatives nearby and the courageous act of the owner of the station and support from the neighbours to nab Iwejuo, while other suspects are said to be at large.

“However, with security interventions laid by the station owner, coupled with his bravery and support from neighbours, the suspect was arrested.

“Some of the stolen and a heavy pointed metal bar was retrieved from the suspect. Efforts are underway to arrest the other suspects,” the report added.

It’s not yet known where this incident happened as this is just a leaked video on social media.

The video shows an old man caught in his room with a very young girl, all of them were not wearing clothes. The glirl is speculated to be doing a primary school education and the old man, old to be her granny.

A number of women are heard in the room with the old man with no clothes on but only his shirt on, and the women are speaking in native languages but could be heard to be angry and speaking against what the man was intending on doing on the young girl. The young was also not wearing her clothes on.

It’s unclear what the women were saying and the people who understand the language say they don’t understand what is being said because there was interjections and arguing by the people who caught them which only made a lot of noise

It’s not yet known where this incident happened as this is just a leaked video on social media.

Ondo State Police Command has arrested a 35-year-old farmer, Kelvin Abugu, for allegedly defiling his neighbour’s 9-year-old daughter in Uso, Owo Local Government Area of the state.

Confirming the incident on Wednesday June 2, the state Commissioner of Police, Bolaji Salami, said the mother of the victim reported the case to the police after she found her bleeding from her private part.

“On May 2, 2021, at about 14:20hrs, Agnes Emmanuel reported to the Police that she saw her daughter passing out blood from her private part and when asked, she said it was one Kelvin Abugu who inserted his hand and later his penis into her private part. He was immediately arrested and has confessed to the offence and the case is ready for prosecution.” the CP stated.

The suspect confessed to the crime during interrogation and blamed his action on the devil. According to him, he lured the young girl into his room under the pretext of watching Television with him and closed the door immediately she came in.

Abugu, who said he has no girlfriend or relationship, explained that he could not penetrate the girl and had to use his finger to defile her before penetrating.

“I don’t know what came on me, I pounced on the little girl and defiled her before I knew what was happening.” he said

A man noticed that he has been finding it hard to breathe at night lately, so he decided to install a camera in his room to find out the cause if that issue and not long after he did that, he was amazed at what he saw and he decided to share it with everyone on social media so that they can also choose to be cautious

He found out that his cat was the major reason why he couldn’t sleep at night as he noticed that the cat would climb his body and use its arm and chest to cover the man’s nose and mouth so he wouldn’t be able to breathe, it seemed as though the cat was doing it intentionally and maybe it was trying to suffocate its owner. See pictures of what the cat was doing below

I believe you must have heard about pet animals being harmful to their owners, well, another story has popped up the internet concerning that same issue and a lot of people are having quite a lot to say concerning this issue

A man identified as Anthony Ikpeama has allegedly killed his 6-months pregnant wife identified as Barrister Adaeze Ikpeama by beating her to coma and subsequently rushed to the hospital where she was admitted and removed her oxygen support until she died,

The Suspect, Anthony Ikpeama
Facebook User, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu shared the story.
He wrote;
“Another Beautiful Soul Lost To Domestic Violence
When Barrister Adaeze Destiny Ikpeama got married to Anthony Elvis Ikpeama in 2014, little did she know that the institution she looked forward to enjoying would cut her life journey short.
Immediately the marriage was sealed, the man Adaeze got married to immediately turned into a beast by turning the Madonna trained lawyer into a punching bag.
Even when relatives from both sides intervened several times by pleading with Anthony to stop beating his wife, if not for anything, she is the mother of his kids ahd his partner, man was obtuse as he continued to beat the poor girl any time he was not in a good mood.
Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown of staying at home made the domestic violence worse as it now became a daily ritual.
Two days ago, another round of beating started and this time around, it was very intense which eventually ended up taking her life.

That Adaeze was 6 months pregnant was not enough to stop him in his track rather it intensified the beating of the poor girl.
His focus was the tummy as he was punching her 6 months pregnant tummy with righteous anger and all the energy he could muster.
He did not stop till she gave up and went into a coma but that is not the full story.
When Adaeze went to a coma and was rushed to the hospital by her good neighbours who came to her aid, Anthony followed them to the hospital and imm

On the list were a variety of consumables and non consumables expected to be provided by the groom before their engagement which is meant to hold in the lady’s hometown in Akwa Ibom state.

A Twitter user who shared the story alongside photos of the list, said the man in question allegedly fled at the sight of the list.

Someone went to marry In Akwa ibom, this is the list he was given.

He ran away

A man, down on his luck after his girlfriend broke up with him, couldn’t believe how his fortunes changed when he won R60 million (N506Million).
He won the massive amount on Fridays PowerBall draw making him an instant millionaire, He doesn’t plan on quitting his job and will invest most of the winnings as he works in the financial sector.
Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and for one lucky South African man that happened on Friday when he won a whopping R60 million in the PowerBall draw. What makes the story more interesting is that his ex-girlfriend had broken up with him shortly before TimesLive win.