A man who stormed a hotel to have the fun of his life nearly lost his life after sleeping with three sex workers.

A video of the incident showed the man being helped to a chair as he couldn’t walk again after the act.

This is foolishness . How can someone intentionally choose to kill himself through sex . Anyway, he should thank God say him no crossover ; na there him go no say this life no get duplicate grin

The man identified as @am_saleeem on Twitter, disclosed that he spotted a video of the child on WhatsApp and was in awe of the incident. According to him, he couldn’t breath after seeing the video as he was in extreme shock.

In the video, the child could be heard cooing but it’s unclear if he was saying “Allah” like his family members claim.

Sharing the video on Twitter, he wrote,

“Allahu Akbar! Indeed Allah Is Great.

I was shocked that i couldn’t breath when i saw this video on WhatsApp. A new born Baby saying “Allah” instead of crying.

La’ilaha Illallah, Muhammadur RasulullahﷺRed heart”

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to celebrate a newborn baby whose family members claim was saying “Allah instead of crying

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