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How To Save Millions Of Naira As A Foreign Student In Europe

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all my fellow Nigerians.
It’s me Basalt, the guy that doesn’t mince words, and today I will be talking about the ways foreign students who study in Europe (especially in Germany) can still save millions of naira even before finishing their studies. Believe me it is not really easy but most of our lifestyles are making it even more difficult.

1. Stay in the student hostel. The number one thing eating deep in our pocket is accommodation. I know of a friend that pays over €500 every month in accommodation alone.
Student hostels are usually subsidized for students, and you save more money when you pay less for rent.

2. Stay away from public health insurance if you are above 30yrs and you are not working a full-time job unless you have medical issues. If you are working full-time in Germany, public health insurance is compulsory. Your firm pays half and you will pay half, that is understandable but in a situation where you are not working full-time, you will pay almost €200 alone as insurance for someone who is above 30yrs old.
If you minus such a big amount, minus your rent. Wetin Remain?

3. Avoid girls that are too demanding, if you were single before coming to Germany, then date only girls that are here with you in Germany, most girls in Germany work and make their own money. So they will never be a pest to you and you will have a physical companion, not a phone companion that always calls to demand money.
What most girls will
4. Stop sending money home unless for an important project or for an emergency. You can always use the excuse of being a student or Corona virus to prevent some unnecessary begging. Don’t give shishi unless saving of life is involved or you are sending money to buy land , build a house etc.
If you keep sending money to everyone that demands, you will always go broke.

5. Never stay too long without working. Europe is not a place to live without working. If the semester is on, you will probably be too busy with studies to work full time, get a part-time job or a mini job to support yourself, and pay bills otherwise you will have no option than to spend the ones you saved before.

6. Stop buying expensive gadgets on loan. Buying properties on loan gives you a false illusion that you have arrived when you don’t have anything.
You buy the latest iPhone on credit, you buy E-bicycle on credit, you buy big plasma TV on credit, you buy Macbook on credit, you buy a screen touch laptop on credit, some even buy a car on credit as a foreign student (though mostly not Nigerian students) .
When you buy all these things on credit, you will live a life of debt, and hardly will you make savings because you are practically working for your debts.
8. Stop posting exortic pictures on facebook. People in Nigeria have that mindset that whoever goes on vacation is rich, they have the mindset that whoever enter aeroplane or even eat chicken is rich. So when you post such mouth watery pictures on facebook with nice environment coupled with your abroad induced freshness, you will create an illusion that you have arrived and you will only attract known and strange people begging in your dm. So you can avoid such disturbance by staying on a low key online

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