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In My 7 Years Of Marriage My Husband Has Never Complimented Me

Sometimes I wonder if it’s normal or is just the man I married or there are men like this I have been married now for 7 years.

And for ones my husband has never complimented me in anyways.

The funny thing is people outside will appreciate and compliment me even before him but not the man I married no Matter how much effort I put into doing anything.

Several times I spoke to him about it
But he will flare up.

And for me I feel appreciating and complimenting.
Your partner makes them happy and give them the energy to do better.

I don’t know

Communication will do the trick, madam.

Find a way to pique his interest in having a tete a tete with you. This should allow you to jokingly or as a matter of fact, tell him what you feel he isn’t doing right after praising him for some other things you think he does right.

Not being the complimenting type is a follow-come thingy. I’m in the same boat but I’ve had to learn on the job.

His not complimenting you doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate you, it is just what it is. “You can’t give what you never had”.

You can imagine how alien it almost became for most of us who grew up without hearing the words “I love you or I miss you” from our old-school parents. It never meant they loved or missed us less, it was just not a part of their lexicon. But with time, we had to learn on the job with our kids.

It is well with you ma.

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