You Don’t Need To Look For A Perfect Partner Before You Marry – Singles Advised


A Twitter user called Greatness wrote; Someone that will add values to your life is very crucial, because when tomato and pepper comes together, they don’t just comes together… they added values to themselves. No hurry, values is crucial…

Akinderee had this to say:

Admitted that there is no perfect partner, we manage each other. But, what is more important is the readiness of the partner to change/amend. A sour tomato is a spoiling one (imo), hence, check the degree of sourness ‘bcos, a dry fish doesn’t bend! If forced, it breaks.

Daniel Iorzer commented; Uncle Reno! i partially agree with you on this one. Tomatoes and Pepper will never be tasty and have a sweet smelling aroma without the presence of the seasonings, onions, oil and the likes. so also it is to an imperfect relationship without patience, endurance and understanding

Reno claimed that unmarried people don’t require perfect people before they marry, while using tomato and pepper as two cooking ingredients that aren’t particularly pleasant on their own but taste excellent when combined.

He believes that ‘perfect’ persons do not exist, and that it takes two imperfect people to agree on each other’s perfection.

Reno sends a quick note to singles via the bird app

Dear singles, Tomato is sour and pepper is hot, but combine them and you get delicious stew. You dont need to look for a perfect partner before you marry. Such a person does not exist. Rather, perfection comes when two imperfect people accept each other perfectly
You Don’t Need To Look For A Perfect Partner Before You Marry – Singles Advised

This came from Reno Omokri’s camp, who was releasing one of his popular’renosnuggets’ nuggets. It was aimed at singles who were seeking to narrow down their list of potential suitors to the perfect match before taking the plunge and saying their wedding vows


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