How to Submit Your Music to Audiomack Playlists

How to Submit Your Music to Audiomack Playlists

The submit to playlists tool can be accessed from the upload flow on desktop, in the final screen after you’ve finalized uploading your song. Simply click “Submit to Trending/Playlists” at the bottom of the screen, and you will be brought to the playlist category selection menu. From there, select the appropriate genre your song falls under, and it will be submitted to curators of those playlists. This button can also be found in your Creator Dashboard.Getting your music heard just got easier.

How to Submit Your Music to Audiomack Playlists

Our latest feature puts your music directly in front of curators and tastemakers. The submit to playlists tool allows authenticated users to pitch their newest singles to a wide variety of playlists based on genre categories.

Note: entire albums cannot be submitted to playlists
Additionally, you will be able to simultaneously submit your song for Trending on Audiomack. More information on that process can be found here.

Should your song catch the attention of one of our curators, you will receive an email detailing to which playlist(s) the submission has been added.

Note: pitching your music to playlists does not guarantee they will be playlisted.

Good luck and happy pitching; we can’t wait to hear your latest songs!

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